Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Popeye Love Tutorial

Hello and welcome! This is the tag we will be making today:
Now, it can be made either animated or non-animated. The animated directions are towards the bottom, after the **.
Moderate level - Some knowledge of PSP is needed.
Materials Needed
Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop (used PSP9 and AS3, but can be done on any version)
PTU kit called Game of Love by Staceys Designs which can be bought at Katelynn's Designs
Tubes by Popeye Wong which are Free To Use and can be found here (thanks Popeye!)
Mask - OvalSlatsMask.jpg – HERE
Filters Needed:
Xenofex 2 – Constellation
Filters Unlimited 2 (Paper Textures)

Fonts used:
FFF Professional (for copyright info)
Doodle Journal (for name/text)

1. Open PSP. Open New File, 600 pixels x 600 pixels, 72.000 resolution, transparent. (Don't worry if it looks too big now, we can crop it down later.) Also open your mask and minimize it in PSP.

2. Copy and paste the triple circle frame, do your best to center it. Feel free to close out the original.

3. Taking your preset shape tool, choose the ellipse (not the circle, but the oval), foreground and background medium gray, line width 2.0, draw an oval over one of the circles in the frame, like this:
Be sure that the edges of the gray ellipse/oval shape is wider than the inner space of the frame area. Once you have it how you want it, convert layer to raster. Duplicate it twice, then move them so you have an oval under each of the oval areas of the frame. We will be using these gray ovals as a template of sorts for the background and the pictures/tubes. Close all layers except the ones with the gray ovals, then merge visible, then move them under the frame layer. You can now unhide the other layers.

4. Copy and paste one of the papers from the kit (I am using Paper1). Feel Free to resize the paper (be sure 'all layers' is UNchecked ... I resized mine to 500 pixels x 500 pixels). Make the 3 oval layer active, then go to Selections - Select All.... Selections - Float.....Selections - Defloat. Go back to the paper layer, make active, then go to Selections - Invert, then click on the Delete key. You should now have the papers in the same area as the gray ovals. Move the paper layer below the frame layer but above the gray ovals layer.

5. Now, with the marching ants still active, copy and paste your tubes that you will be putting in the frames. When you are happy with how they are, just simply click the Delete key (since you have already Inverted the selection, it is set to delete everything outside of the frame area). Make sure that the image/tube layers are between the frame layer and the paper layer. Go to Selections - Select None.

6. Now, we have 2 frame areas that have doodles over them so we need to do something about it. Duplicate the images that are in that area, then move them above the frame layer. Take your eraser brush and use the following settings:
Shape: circle
Size: 25
Hardness: 100
Step: 25
Density: 100
Thickness: 100
Rotation: 0
Opacity: 100
You are going to delete the bottom area of the tubes that overlap the frame area, like this (feel free to zoom in on the area to help you see better):
7. Feel free to add drop shadows to your tubes (bottom images ONLY - don't add a drop shadow to the top ones that you erased), and feel free to add your favorite drop shadow on the frame.

8. Go to the paper layer and make active. Go to Filters Unlimited, then Paper Textures, and choose the Filter Paper option and use the following settings:
then click Apply. This will give some texture and definition to your frame's background. Don't worry about the outer edge that you might see - it will be gone when we crop down our final tag.
Close out the gray oval layer and the bottom layer (which should be blank) and Merge Visible everything else.

9. Move the frame up a little from the center. Take another paper and copy and paste it to the tag (I used Paper7), moving it below the frame. Resize it 600 pixels x 600 pixels (all layers UNchecked). Go to Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image and use these settings:
Merge Group. (Be sure you only merge the mask group - do not include the frame layer in this merge.) Move the frame and/or mask layer, if needed, so that the frame is centered on the oval slats. Unhide the very bottom layer and flood fill it with a complementing color from either one of your images/tubes or the kit (I am using color #ca7e9e).

10. Take the winged heart element and copy and paste it to your tag. Bring it to the top, and resize it by 75% (all layers UNchecked) and place it under the frame, centered. Apply your favorite drop shadow to it. Take the Forget Me Nots element, resize it by 75% (again, all layers UNchecked), and move it over to behind the left side picture in the frame (see my tag for idea). Duplicate flowers, then Mirror. Erase whatever is hanging over the bottom of the frame areas. Take your selection tool and choose the upper area of both of the flower layers. Go to Edit - Copy, Edit - Paste as New Layer. (You will need to do this twice - once for each flower layer.) If needed, place them directly over their corresponding flowers. (They may copy and paste right in the same area, in which case no moving is needed.) Move both of these above the frame layer, then erase all the parts that hang over the framed images. Apply your favorite drop shadow to the bottom flower layers (not the top ones that you erased).

11. Copy and paste the decorated flower, resize by 40% (all layers UNchecked). Sharpen, if necessary. Place it below the left frame oval area and bring to top. Apply the following drop shadow:
Vertical: 0
Horizontal: 0
Opacity: 75
Blur: 15.00
Color: black
Shadow on New Layer: not checked
Duplicate, then mirror. Delete the gray ovals layer. Crop your tag, like this:
then (if you wish to make this non-animated) Merge Visible. (If you wish to make this animated, do NOT merge visible.... go to directions, below, starting at the **.) Resize so that it is about 500 pixels wide. Apply copyright information and name/text, as shown in my tag at the top.
And you are done!

**To make tag animated**
1. If you wish to animate your tag like I have in my tag, first, close out the bottom layer and the slat/mask layer. Merge Visible all the other layers. Now unhide the bottom layer and slat/mask layer. Go to the mask layer (with the slats) and make active, then duplicate it twice (so you should have 3 layers of it). Make the top slat/mask layer active (will most likely be one of the copied layers). Go to Xenofex 2 - Constellation and use the following settings:
2. Then go to the middle mask layer, make active, then go to the Constellation filter again, this time hitting the "Random Seed" button twice, then "ok". Do the same thing to the bottom mask layer.

3. On a new raster layer, apply your copyright information, bring to top.

4. Ok, now - here comes the fun part. Close out the bottom 2 mask layers so that only the top one is showing. Go to Edit - Copy Merged ... Edit - Paste as New Image. Now, close out the top mask layer, and unhide the middle mask layer. Go to Edit - Copy Merged. Then go over to your other image and make it active (click on it) and go to Edit - Paste as New Layer. Now, go back to what you were working on, close out the middle mask layer and unhide the bottom one. Do the same thing that you did with the middle mask layer: Copy Merged, then go to the other image (which now has 2 layers) and click on it, then go to Edit - Paste as New Layer. You should now have 3 layers. This will be what you bring over to Animation Shop. Save as follows:
Now, in Animation Shop, go to File - Animation Wizard and choose the following when they come up:
*Same Size as the first image frame (next)
*transparent (next)
*Upper left corner of the frame, With the canvas color (next)
*Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely, 30 (next)
Click on "Add Image" and browse to where you saved your .psp file (be sure that "File Type" is for Paint Shop Pro Image). When you have it, click Next, then Finish. It will now open up your tag, in frames.
To check the speed of your animation, go to View - Animation. (Just click on the "X" in the upper right to stop the animation.) To Save this as a blank, go to File - Save As and save it in .gif format.
To add a name, go back to PSP and, on the top layer, apply text, and add any kind of effects you would like. When you have your name the way you like it, go to File - Copy. Then go back to Animation Shop and go to File - Paste as new animation. You are going to need 3 frames to match up the 3 frames of your animation. So go to Edit - Copy then Go to Edit - Paste After Current Frame (do this twice - to give you 3 frames of the name). Go to your tag, then go to Edit - Select All.... Edit Copy.... Edit - Paste as New Animation. Go to your names and go to Edit - Select All .... Edit Copy. Then go to your tag and go Edit - Select All, Edit - Paste Into Selected Frame. You will notice that you are able to move it around... do so until it is where you like it, then left click on your mouse - this will place it where you want it, in ALL the frames. When satisfied, save it as a .gif.
And you are done!!
I would love to see what you make if you try this tutorial!!
Thanks for looking!